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2020-01-04 - The Schedule of  Events for the 2020 Asianpiad in Vladivostok, Russia is now available on thte IVV-Asianpiad page.


2019-12-20 - Vice-President Fawcett attended the TAFISA Annual Congress in Tokyo, Japan. His short report (EN / DE / FR) is attached here.

2019-12-05 - Mr. Werner Friedrich, President of IVV-Czech Republic, resigns as President on 01.01.2020. His office will be taken over by Mr. Zdeněk Němec. We would like to thank Mr Friedrich for his many years of cooperation and warmly welcome his successor, Mr Němec, as new President. We wish him every success in his new role.

2019-12-05 - The direct member club in Patalavaca, Gran Canaria will stop their membership on Dec 31, 2019.

2019-12-01 - The schedule of IVV/IML Cup walks for 2020 is now available online.

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